Our Team

Get to know our team – a group of creative minds delivering graphic design and production services that are nothing short of super.

  • Blaze Harmon Production Artist
    Blaze Harmon
  • Cayenne McPayne Graphic Designer
    Cayenne McPayne
  • Christy Ladner Graphic Designer
    Christy Ladner
  • Clare Lynch Traffic Manager
    Clare Lynch
  • Dawn Koranda Studio Director
    Dawn Koranda
  • Elizabeth Vought Production Artist
    Elizabeth Vought
  • Emily Erickson Proofreader/Copywriter
    Emily Erickson
  • Erin Zellers Production Artist
    Erin Zellers
  • Jacob Erickstad Production Artist
    Jacob Erickstad
  • Nadja Jaspert Production Artist
    Nadja Jaspert
  • Shannon Jacobson Production Artist
    Shannon Jacobson
  • Tanner Bjorlie Production Artist
    Tanner Bjorlie
  • Thomas Beadle Business Development Manager
    Thomas Beadle