Fast, nimble, economical. Service perfection in studio design. That’s what makes us Super Studio. Located in downtown Fargo, ND, we serve RR46 agencies and businesses across North America.

Our Team

Get to know our team – a group of creative minds delivering graphic design and production services that are nothing short of super.

Andrew Hendricks Video Editor/Animator/Videographer
Lover of beers, liquors, coffees, metal music, movies, cooking and video games. Favorite animal: otters. Favorite food: don’t know because I haven’t had it yet.
Annalise Johnson Production Artist
Midwest native who likes to pretend she’s from Texas. Can often be found attempting to build furniture in her garage, painting watercolor florals or completing intricate ink drawings of trash pandas. Lives by the motto of “What would Dolly (Parton) Do?”
Bethany Kempel Production Artist
Loves the outdoors just as much as a movie day on the couch. A little obsessed with Disney and could eat tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spends lots of time discovering new music and will sing obnoxiously if provoked (or if not). Passionate about friends and family, but constantly torn between planning everything and living in the moment.
Blaze Harmon Production Artist
Needs to be creating constantly, from woodworking and shop projects to art and guitar. Has more hobbies than he has time for. And whatever time is left is spent outdoors (when it’s not -40). Hey, a bad day with the kids at the lake is better than a good day doing housework.
Carrie Wagner Proofreader
Grew up traveling as an Air Force brat and thrives on spontaneous road trips. Loves to play guitar and dream up fictional characters and worlds. Current favorite hobby is driving home in rush hour traffic and belting Taylor Swift songs. Is a little too obsessed with personality type systems.
Cayenne McPayne Graphic Designer
All the way from sunny Canada. Enjoys swimming. (During the one week of the year when it’s not freezing.) Recites The Nations of the World by Yakko Warner out loud whenever she feels like it. Knows that sharks are more scared of her, because she breathes air.
Christy Ladner Graphic Designer
Wife and mom to two girls. Hauls horses to area shows and rodeos throughout the year. When not wrangling kids and horses, stays busy crafting home décor, building furniture, or just getting cozy on the couch and binge-watching Netflix.
Dawn Koranda Studio Director
Driven, passionate, creative. Milton Glaser idolizer. Loves juicy kiwi and would love to have a pet kiwi. Instead, she cuddles with her less-temperamental, always-entertaining dogs. Lifelong, die-hard Vikings fan. Former member of the Glenn Campbell fan club. Believes licorice is a food group.
Debbie Tukker Production Artist
Taurus with Scorpio rising. An amateur cartoonist, tattoo collector and Tim Burton super fan. Loves going for a cruise on a skateboard or ATV. Knows of a good meme for every situation, and quotes Vines too often. Frequent patron of revolving sushi. Fortnite enthusiast.
Emily Erickson Proofreader/Copywriter
Enjoys yoga, self-help books and art that doesn’t look like art. Always a bright-side kind of thinker (but weeps if she thinks about Dumbo’s mom). ISO cheap flight deals—will go anywhere, as long as the food is good.
Gavin Rehder Director/Video Editor
An avid outdoorsman. Bikes to work and kayaks the Red River three-quarters of the year. Reads comics, posts toy pictures on Instagram, and watches Doctor Who one-quarter of the year. A (very amateur) musical artist of an obscure genre that you don’t want to hear.
Jeff Jenson Director of Photography/Editor/Animator
A San Diego native who can be found catching a fish, capturing and tweaking RGB, or on two wheels finding out if that road really does lead somewhere. Passionate about technology, fast things and general gadgetry. An artist and a lover of all things nature.
Jessica Bastyr Production Artist Intern
Avid dog person even though she doesn’t own one of her own (yet). Enjoys fall weather and activities during the two weeks of the year when they actually happen, and if she isn’t working on something art related she’s probably watching a movie that she’s already seen 100 times.
Joe Hammer Digital Designer
ENFP. Pisces. Classic, stereotypical Minnesotan. Enjoys craft beer, Aperol spritzes, biking, hiking, yoga and swimming. Spends way too much money at coffee shops, booking flights and concerts (but, you know, only the underground artists that you’ve never heard of). Obsessed with color palettes and finding the coolest typefaces.
Katherine Murnion Production Artist
Loves everything animation. Could talk about title sequences and visual effects for an exorbitant amount of time. Enjoys time playing tabletop and video games with friends and family. Proud cat mom. Writes sci-fi and fantasy novels for fun. Always ready for an adventure.
Nadja Jaspert Production Artist
Avid animal advocate. Volunteers regularly at the local animal shelter and has two foster fails. Please spay and neuter your pets.
Steph Burgess Production Artist
East Coast transplant from Dela-where? Target runs are her cardio. If it’s not kawaii, she doesn’t want it. Enneagram 7w6 and extrovert to the max. Enjoys coffee, puns and anime. “Wanna see my pin collection?”

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