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Content Safari

We shoot professional photos and videos and grab audio, all of which can be used to create useful content.

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Corporate Videos

Bring some life to your corporate videos with professionally shot interviews edited by our Studio 46 pros.

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Explainer Videos

From fully animated to live video or a seamless blend, you can bank on us to explain your service or product succinctly.

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Nothing sells like word-of-mouth, so get it professionally recorded, edited and posted online. Shout your praises from the digital mountaintops.

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We have the knowledge and experience to get your commercial from concept to the small screen.

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Social Videos

From short, engaging content to live events shared, we have your social video needs covered, no matter how big or small.

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Sometimes animation is the best way to show off what you do. Our Studio 46 experts can take your ideas and bring them to life.

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From food to farm equipment and everything in between, we’ll always catch your subject matter in the best light.

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Scripting. Casting. Recording. Trafficking to media. We can take care of the whole radio process for you.

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Let’s get that podcast idea into the airwaves. From the first time we hit record to publishing the final edit, we make podcasting simple.

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Video Refresh

Let us take your old footage and give it new life with fresh editing, animation, VO and more.

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Audio Studio Rental

Need studio space? We’ve got it, and we’ll be as hands-off as you want, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned vet.

Got a question?

  • Well, that depends on how many explosions you want. Pssh. We’re kidding!

    Video production depends on a few different variables, but there are only solutions in our world. We’ll help you find what’s possible within almost any budget. Some of the questions we’ll ask to help determine the cost include:

    • What’s your idea for the video?
    • How many locations will we be filming in?
    • What do you plan to do with this video?

    If you don’t know the answer to these questions yet, that’s OK, too. Ultimately, we will scale the project to meet your budget and your business goals.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. We’re a full-service media production agency, so we can take on whichever parts of production you need.

  • We’re glad you asked. Our team is full of veteran photographers, videographers and animators. We’ve worked with global brands on national TV campaigns and donated our time to help a local good cause. Some of us have been on film sets, while others cut their chops at breaking news scenes. Whether we’re creating motion graphics, social media ads, corporate videos or short documentaries, we have an expert on staff leading the project.

    Didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact us.

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